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The Finance Department is responsible for all financial aspects of City operations; including accounts payable, annual financial reports, water/sewer utility billing, budget preparation, monitoring, and investments.

Annual Reports

  • 2015 Annual Report
  • 2014 Annual Report
  • 2013 Annual Report
  • 2012 Annual Report
  • 2011 Annual Report
  • 2010 Annual Report
  • 2009 Annual Report
  • 2008 Annual Report

Records & Municipal Code

The Finance Department also keeps the official records of the City; such as minutes, ordinances, and resolutions. In addition, this department governs municipal elections, liquor licenses, and transient vendor inquiries.

See the Hill City Municipal Code for more information.

Hill City's

Finance Officer

Carla Sheldon | 


The Finance Officer is the chief financial officer of the City, and the position oversees the daily financial operations of the City. In addition, he/she sets agendas, attends, and documents the official minutes for Common Council meetings. The Finance Officer is appointed by the Mayor with the consent of a majority vote of the Common Council each year.

Administrative Coordinator

Stacia tallon | 





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