City of Hill City



Application For Employment

It is the policy of the municipality of Hill City to recruit and fill job vacancies with the most qualified individual for the position within budget limits.

The municipality has three methods of recruiting qualified applicants to fill job vacancies in municipal employment:

  1. Promotion from within,
  2. Transfer from within, or
  3. Open announcement and advertisement.

Application Requirements

Cover Letter
All applicants are encouraged to submit a cover letter detailing the specific position they are applying for.
Individuals interested in applying for a specific position with the municipality must submit a resume detailing their employment history, education, and other relevant experience or pertinent information.
Application Form
Individuals interested in applying for a specific position with the municipality must complete and submit a municipal application form. A separate application must be submitted for each position in which the individual wishes to be considered. Applications will be maintained on file for the purpose of aiding applicants in applying for future job vacancies with the municipality.
Fingerprints/Background Check
All applicants shall submit a copy of their fingerprint records to the City of Hill City. A background check is necessary to determine if an applicant’s criminal background would prevent the applicant from fulfilling the job requirements.

Selection Process

All selections shall be based on merit and fitness to fulfill the job requirements. All recruitment efforts are based upon equal employment opportunity and conducted without regards to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, sex age, disability, political affiliation, and marital status.
Promotions & Transfers
If in the best interest of the municipality, promotions or transfers of individuals already employed with the municipality shall be given first consideration. This consideration, however, does not entitle the individual to an automatic promotion or transfer to a higher level of employment.
US Veterans
Preference in employment will be given to veterans, where all other qualifications are equal, who have served on active duty and been honorably discharged from the armed forces of the United States.